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Hallo! Je me considère loin d’être poète ou écrivaine, mais durant mes expériences de vie, j’ai trouvé inspiration d’écrire mes sentiments sur papier … parfois je suis inspirée à écrire en français, et parfois en anglais. Parfois je vais traduire, parfois non. C’est pourquoi vous ne retrouverez pas toujours tous dans les deux langues. Mon but n’est pas d’offusquer personne. J’écris pour moi. Si vous aimez ça, tant mieux! Je ne cache rien, c’est juste moi.

Merci de votre visite. Vous êtes la bienvenue de m’écrire un p’tit mot!

Hi! I am far from considering myself as a writer or poet, but through my life experiences, I have find inspiration in writing my feelings on paper. Sometimes I write in English, sometimes in French. Sometimes I translate, sometimes I don’t. Hence why sometimes it’s only French, sometimes only English. It is not meant to offend anybody. It is simply what it is. I write for me. If you enjoy reading, great. I am simply being me.

Thanks for having a peak. Write me a little note if you feel like it! 🙂


“tear drops” Acrylic on canvas, 8×8, 2015- SOLD


‪Unmeaningful words‬ ‪Misperception‬ ‪One moment of ignorance ‬ ‪two world paralysed‬ ‪Hurt beyond explanation‬ ‪My heart shattered ‬ ‪#sadness ‬

When the going gets tough

i’m stuck at #3 on this piece i’m working on. Time to go for a drive.

Dandelion jelly process

Dandelion art?

While others think they are weed, I on the other hand, love dandelions.  Seeing those large yellow fields make me happy. This year, i have decided to follow my grand father’s footsteps, but slightly different- or not. I know he used to pick dandelions flower and add them to his salads. My grandmother made dandelion … Continue reading Dandelion art?

A poem…

Pathways There are infinite paths to choose, And I have chosen many. I have slammed into dead ends, Twisted through turning trails that ended at lost, Followed other’s routes to eventually realize they weren’t mine, Even dared to venture into the great unknown, Where writing a new way, Was the only way. But of all … Continue reading A poem…

Why do you make art?

I was faced with this question this morning. Since it has absolutely nothing to do with money, and that it’s much more than “because I love it”… I pondered, and came up with this: Art is my way of disconnecting from the everyday life. My mind and creation wonders off in a beautiful world where … Continue reading Why do you make art?


I havn’t been that active on this blog for a while. I guess sometimes it’s good to step back and take a breather…? And sometimes you fall in love… 🙂 So…. I have been taking a breath in love and enjoying each moment. Meanwhile, I tried to play with water color paint. The picture here … Continue reading sooo…….

whats playing today…

nobody knew in that audience how that song would become one of the biggest classic song ever. Such a great artist…. *feeling inspired


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